Spotted! Dog ID Tag
Spotted! Dog ID Tag
Spotted! Dog ID Tag
Spotted! Dog ID Tag
Spotted! Dog ID Tag

Spotted! Dog ID Tag

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SPOTTED! The ultimate solution for lost dogs.

This product was the winner of “The New Product Showcase” at a large Pet Industry exhibition in Telford last year, we visit every year and we were so excited when we saw this product.

What is SPOTTED! and how does it work?

It’s a new smart pet tag and there are 4 easy steps to get all set up:

Step 1: Scan your tag

Step 2: Download the free App

Step 3: Register the tag

Step 4: Attach the tag

Why choose SPOTTED!?

There are no monthly fees, there is a 60-day money back guarantee, it has worldwide tracking, and it has such a simple user-friendly app and setup.

There is absolutely no range limitation to the SPOTTED! tag, there are no batteries, it is completely waterproof, the QR code on the tag can be scanned with any iPhone, as there is a QR scanner already included on their camera, and for all other phones a QR scanner app is perfect!

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