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Tildas Tribe Soap

  • by Jade Banham

Tildas Tribe Soap - An interview with Jade (Owner of Tildas Tribe)

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since our last blog post and that’s because we are now OPEN, Yeah!! So, it was all hand of deck, tweaking, planning, ordering etc etc

And we had the most wonderful first weekend back, what amazing customers we have, supporting our little Skipton coffee shop all the way. We are now open for all your coffee, cake, sandwich, bagel and burger needs and of course not forgetting the pooches their treats are freshly baked back on the counter, as usual wheat, gluten and dairy free.

Normal opening hours resume 8am-5pm Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Saturday and 10-4 Sunday with all the safety measures in place!


This week’s blog we wanted to do something a little different and we had have the pleasure of catching up with Jade the owner of Tildas Tribe and asked if she would like to be involved and have a little interview with Kibble and tell us all about her business, how she started Tildas Tribe and what it’s all about, here’s what she had to say:

Tildas Tribe is a small family run business in the heart of Yorkshire producing and selling sustainable and natural skincare products. We have a small herd of goats that we milk daily and freeze ready to use in our soaps.

First came the goats then came the idea – with a lot of surplus milk we started researching what goats milk is good for and with all its amazing properties I was so shocked at how good goats milk actually is for you in many different ways.

We decided to focus on helping your skins health along with combining sustainability and the refusal of using any chemical based ingredients within our products.

We are very passionate about being environmentally friendly and also helping people with problematic skin and spreading the knowledge about the effects of using chemically based products and how making small changes can make huge differences to your skins health.

My very crazy Hungarian Vizsla Copper really suffers with allergies on her tummy from running through woodland and the moors at certain times of the year and I wanted to create a chemical free shampoo which was designed for dogs to try and help soothe and help against her out breaks. This was when we created our first Shampoo Bar “Geranium & Pine Needle” – the pine needle being inspired by the woods we walk in daily.

This doggie inspired bar was actually fantastic for humans so it became a combined bar for dogs and humans (or any animal actually) with it being 100% natural you can actually eat anything that goes into our bars of soap – meaning it is going to be super friendly to any skin types.

So this is a little about Tildas Tribe and some of the inspiriation behind the business.

I am Jade and Tildas Tribe is my Baby one off I’d say 7 of my babies - Murphi Age 4, Ludi Age 3 Foxy (Pomeranian) Age 12, Copper (smooth Vizsla) Age 6, Ru (wirehaired Vizsla) Age 3 and Marsh Farm Dog Walking Age 4.

When Murphi our eldest real life baby was born things were a little complicated and the long and short of it was me and Josh – oh yes there is Josh behind all this too haha. We both gave up our jobs and started thinking of ways in which we can earn a living and hopefully keep our farm, the home we had worked so hard to get previously to be able to support Murphi and each other. This is where the juggling started and because we had just thrown ourselves in there we thought why not have another child, mad I know but I wouldn’t change a thing.

The last four years we have explored various ideas and options and we have found our love and passion about dogs and trying to help towards saving our planet with natural skincare. The juggle can sometimes be a struggle and a little stressful but seeing each business grow and the amazing people I am meeting which I never would of done in my 9-5 office job is well worth every bit of stress that comes with it. 

What an amazing journey Jade and Josh have had, we have had the pleasure of meeting Jade several times at events with ‘Kibble on the Road’ and you can see her passion for her product shine through.

If you like the sound of the Tildas Tribe soap, of course we had to stock this amazing product at Kibble Bakery. Just follow the LINK

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